Field seed

The company’s hybrid field seed is sold in the domestic Indian market.

Our major goal is to maximize the farmer’s return from every unit of land farmed. And since it is the dealer who forms a vital link between Plantgene and the farmer, it is important that he earns a fair return for his effort and investment.

The PLANTGENE trademark is an enduring symbol of quality – it represents our commitment to develop exceptional products that will “Increase Farmer Profitability Through Superior Genetics.”


While top yields, bold and tough seed, staygreen, and resistance to common diseases and pests are a common denominator in all our products, we build an element of uniqueness into each hybrid.

For example, in sunflower, uniform/convex heads coupled with fast dry-down offer convenience in threshing.

Corn farmers in several parts of India have a marked preference for orange/flint grain coupled with earliness; so that’s what certain Plantgene corn hybrids offer.

Plantgene sorghum sudangrass gives five cuts of high quality green chop, has rapid re-growth and increases milk yields. These attributes have made it a favorite of Indian farmers.

Our grain sorghum hybrids have bold, creamy white grains that command a premium in the market.

Plantgene has been a market leader in pearl millet. That’s because of early maturity combined with outstanding grain and fodder yields.

In rice, fine grain coupled with earliness and lodging-resistance offer the potential of allowing our hybrids to stand out in a cluttered market.


In hybrid field seed (parent seed comes from the company’s breeding program) the production department contracts with local growers to produce hybrid seed. Rows of male and female parents are inter-planted in isolated production fields separated from other similar-crop fields by a buffer zone in order to maintain genetic purity of the crop. The production area is near Hyderabad.

We start with strict control on parent seed and rigorously monitor quality from planting and harvesting through processing and bagging.

Quality assurance personnel visit our seed growers throughout the growing season to supervise the planting, cultivation, crossing, harvest and transportation of the seed crop. Their objective is to guarantee adherence to Plantgene’s high field condition and seed quality standards. After harvesting, our experts continue to examine and test seed as it goes through various processes during seed conditioning. 

The seed is transported from the production fields to a conditioning plant in Hyderabad. Each seed lot is tested before conditioning and shipment. The seed is dried, cleaned, sized, treated, bagged and prepared for shipment to domestic to customers.