Seed Rate    

1.5 – 2 kg seed per acre depending upon the type of soil.


Pearl Millet can be grown on almost all types of soils. However, well-drained sandy loams or loamy soils are most suited for its cultivation.

  Field Preparation and Transplanting     Land should be ploughed and harrowed to make it a fine tilth.
  Spacing     Between rows   45 cm
Between plants 10 cm

Sufficient soil moisture at germination, tillering, flowering and early grain filling lead to attractive yields.

  Fertilizer     Apply 30: 16: 10 (NPK) kg per acre under normal fertility conditions as follows:
22 kg
100 kg
17 kg
      3-4 weeks after planting
22 kg
      6-7 weeks after planting
22 kg
  Thinning     Two-week old seedlings should be thinned to one plant per hill. If necessary, thinned out seedlings can be used for gap filling and for maintaining optimum plant population.
  Weeding     Pre-emergence spray of Atrazine 50% W.P. @ 0.5 to 1.0 kg per acre controls dicot weeds effectively. If necessary, two hoeings at 3 and 6 weeks should be done.
  Earthing     Earthing up of soil should be done when the crop is 25–30 days old.
  Plant Protection     Need based.
– Spray Ridomil 8 W.P. @ 1 g per litre of water to 20 day old crop to control downy mildew.
– Spray with Ziram (0.1 – 0.15%) or Benlate (0.1%) to reduce ergot incidence.
– Apply carbofuran 3% granules @ 5 kg per acre at the base of plants to control stem borer and shoot fly.
  CAUTION     Do not use the grain harvested from hybrid seed based crops as seed for the next crop. Doing so will cause a drastic reduction in crop yields due to segregation and loss of hybrid vigor.